Conte refuses to turn on Spurs players after Cup exit: They're giving everything

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte admits they were flat for their Carabao Cup defeat at Nottingham Forest.

Forest were worthy 2-0 winners on the night.

Conte later said, “The performance, I have to be honest, I think maybe tonight the energy was really poor for us. Don’t forget that it was the 12th game in a really short period. The games that we played in the past, every game was really really difficult and we lost a lot of mental energy and physical energy. I think today we arrived in our heart and mind to try to win but if I have to say something was wrong with my players, I tell you not.

“I only say thanks to my players because there are players who are really tired. I have to manage the situation with Hojbjerg and Bentancur because they were tired. The same for Harry Kane. Harry until this morning we waited to see if he could start or not. In this situation he was the only striker so again I can only say thanks to my players.

“I have a group of players who first men and then good players. Another could be selfish to think to himself ‘in a week I have to play the World Cup’. Instead Harry Kane showed to be a really good man. Not only him though, the same for Bentancur, Perisic and Dier is another player who has played a lot of games. We faced a situation that is really bad with the injuries. We arrived at the end in real difficulty. Now we have to try to rest and find energy.

“We have seen the situation. In the last period, many times. I think that can happen and I repeat, in thjs moment we need to stay and find positive things. If you go to find negative things I think this is not the right moment.

“The period is really really tough. they are losing a lot of mental energy and a lot of things to be stronger. I prefer to analyse negative and positive things in the morning. Our target is to recover well and be strong for Saturday. On Saturday our fans have to play a really good part in the game. They have to push from the start until the end. If we can win it means we finish strongly in the top four.”