Conte pleased with Spurs position after World Cup break up

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte is happy with the position of his team after victory over Leeds United.

The Premier League has broken up for the World Cup with Spurs in fourth place.

Conte said, “It was a big, big effort. It was the last game… to play 13 games in a row in 43 days was really, really tough.

“We lost a lot of energy, not just physical energy, but also mental energy. The players, myself, my staff, preparing for games every two or three days, no training session to try to improve the tactical aspect, and don’t forget also what happened in these 43 days and the emotional aspect was really tough with (the sad passing of) Gian Piero.

“This situation affected us a lot, many players, my staff. For this reason, to be qualified first in our group in the Champions League and to stay in a good position in the table, after this part of the season, it means, first of all, we made a big, big effort and secondly, we’re working very well, me, the staff and especially the players are showing to be really professional to face this period.”