Conte mocks Klopp after Spurs defeat to Liverpool: Did he like how we played…?

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte took a sarcastic swipe at Jurgen Klopp after Sunday night’s defeat to Liverpool.

Mohamed Salah scored a brace to see Liverpool beat Tottenham 2-1 and record their first top-flight victory away from home this season.

Speaking after the game, Conte made a sarcastic reference to Klopp’s comments from May, when he accused Spurs of being defensive and unadventurous.

Conte sarcastically said: “Before I answer the [first] question, Jurgen was happy with the way that we played tonight? Yeah? It was important to know his opinion.

“Jurgen is a really good coach but at the end tonight we are talking about a defeat and I’m happy with the game that we played at Anfield. The final result was 1-1 and it was better.”

Conte’s comments came after Klopp criticised Tottenham’s style of play following their draw with Liverpool in May.