Chelsea midfielder Gilmour admits family stopped attending Norwich games

Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour has spoken of his problems on-loan with relegated Norwich City last season.

Gilmour, who has left Chelsea’s first team in Charlotte to join the Under 23s in Salt Lake, revealed that things got so unpleasant at Carrow Road that his family stopped going to games.

“It was hard,” the 21-year-old said. “It was also hard for my family. When you’ve got family in the stands and they’re shouting that it’s never nice but I would just get my head down. Of course it’s not nice.

“They stopped coming to the games, so it wasn’t nice. They weren’t coming down for games at the weekend, just staying in the house.

“I went there with the idea of trying to play my best and some games it worked and some games it didn’t, so I took some experience from that and it will help me going forward.”

On Norwich’s boo-boys, he added: “It’s the fans’ opinion. They come to watch games and pay for their ticket and they shout but that has happened and it wasn’t nice to hear. I gave it my all, tried to work hard every game.”