Chelsea left-back Alonso takes shot at Arsenal over Tottenham postponement

Chelsea left-back Marcos Alonso has taken a shot at Arsenal after they successfully applied to have Sunday’s North London derby against Tottenham postponed.

The Gunners argued that they’d be under the ’13 player’ threshold, having had another player contract Covid-19.

However some clubs are arguing that teams are exploiting the Covid situation to their benefit.

Speaking after Chelsea’s defeat to Manchester City, Alonso agreed with those concerns.

“It’s difficult but I think it should be the same for everyone and all teams treated the same,” said Alonso.

“We had some games with a lot of players out, some games with only four defenders, but we still had to play.

“It has to be fair for everyone to have the same treatment from the Premier League, not just some games yes, some games no.”

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