Chelsea defender Thiago Silva calls on Wembley staff to cut wife some slack today

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has called on Wembley staff to show his wife some latitude today ahead of the FA Cup final against Liverpool.

Silva has revealed his wife was left upset when Wembley staff prevented her from wearing a Chelsea shirt with his name on during this season’s Carabao Cup final.

The Brazilian defender will be hoping to avenge that loss and claim the trophy, and his wife’s attire could prove a lucky charm for him on the day.

In February’s Carabao Cup final, Silva says his wife Belle was told by staff at Wembley that she was not allowed to wear a Chelsea shirt in their VIP zone.

And given she wears a jersey with her husband’s name on the back for all of his cup finals, Belle’s change of outfit may well have been a bad omen on the day.

He told The Telegraph: “It wasn’t that she didn’t want to wear the shirt, it was because when she was getting her pass to get into the VIP zone, and they weren’t allowing family members to wear club colours. She was upset because she wasn’t able to wear it, but she wanted to.

“She always wears my shirt, above all for finals. She wore it in the Champions League final and other competitions, the Club World Cup and things like that, so hopefully there will be no problem this time and no kind of rules on what they can and can’t wear. It just shows passion and football is about passion. Hopefully she will be able to wear the shirt and it will bring us luck.”

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