Chelsea co-owner Boehly backtracks on European Super League pledge – 'I like to keep options alive'

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has not completely ruled out the club participating in a European Super League competition.

The Blues were amongst six English clubs who joined other European powerhouses in announcing the proposal in 2021, which was ultimately unsuccessful after immense fan backlash.

Boelhy had previously pledged not to join the Super League, however, the American billionaire has now refused to fully rule out changing his mind

“I never say hard nos, I like to keep options alive but it is not something that we are talking about at all,” Boehly said at the SALT Conference in New York.

“I think the Champions League has a big component of that already. You have the best clubs playing each other every season. There’s already a lot of that. If you win the Champions League, you win over 100m euros.

“You win the Masters golf and make a couple of million bucks. I think you can do that in the summer [play Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich] more often and there’s other ways to do that.

“I think that the passion the fans have for the sport is so strong then I can’t envisage that changing.”