Chelsea chief Cech: Thiago Silva still has 3 years of top football ahead of him

Chelsea chief Petr Cech says Thiago Silva deserves his new contract.

Thiago Silva recently penned a new deal through to 2023.

Cech wrote for “We are all impressed by Thiago. We always believed he would be exactly what he has become to us. He has proven it, and you can see what a great addition he has been.

“When you are about to bring a more experienced and older player into the team, especially in a league where it’s faster, physical, and more demanding, you need to make sure the player suits the team and suits the league. You look at how they look after themselves, how professional they are, and how they manage the load of a season.

“When you look at Thiago, you don’t see any differences between him playing 10 years ago and now. That’s the impressive part. The way he trains is the key. He also trains fully concentrated and with full commitment. He looks after himself and this is why he is able to play at this high level for such a long time. Put it together with his experience and immense talent, and that’s why he is so successful even when he is getting older.

“You can see he loves the game. He does everything to give himself a chance to be fit, and his body is going well. He is a great example of the combination of everything going in the right direction. If he stays fit and has the same motivation to win and be on the pitch, he can carry on for another three years.”

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