Chelsea boss Potter: I don't think Saka is that type of player

Chelsea manager Graham Potter stopped just short of calling Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka a diver.

The Gunners picked up a vital 1-0 win over the Blues away from home in the Premier League on Sunday.

There was one incident in the game where Potter and Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta had a war of words when Saka went down after a Marc Cucurella challenge.

Potter said post-game to reporters: “I think there was one action that was a little bit contentious shall we say but I don’t think he is that type of player.”

Then asked about the game and his general performance as coach over the past two months, he added: “I’ve been here eight weeks and a lot has happened. We’ve had a lot to deal with and I’m sure if you look at the Arsenal story, where they are now as to where they were two years ago, one year ago.

“Its slightly different and I’m sure at times Mikel is getting pelters and that’s how it is. That’s the job, that’s the life and we have to deal with that.

“We huffed and puffed, I think, but you could see the difference in the two teams in terms of confidence, in terms of points they’ve got, in terms of structure and working together. We are not in a fantastic moment as we speak.

“As much as it is not nice to say, Arsenal deserved to win the game and were the better team overall, so we have to take that and use it as motivation to improve.

“I think you’ve got to say Arsenal are ahead with where they’ve been working and how long they’ve been working together. They’ve got more points, they’ve got a confidence, a good structure and like I said at the start with my first answer: you have to say that’s fair.”