Chelsea boss Potter admits after Arsenal defeat: We're struggling to create chances

Chelsea boss Graham Potter concedes they’re lacking creativity after defeat at home to Arsenal.

The Gunners won 1-0 on Sunday, with Gabriel Magalhaes the lone goalscorer.

Potter later said: There are two teams on the pitch and I think Arsenal defend well, press well, and make it difficult for you to create chances. That’s what the top teams do and Arsenal are a top team at the moment. I don’t like to say that but it’s probably the reality. When that is the case, we need to do better in terms of how we create chances because otherwise you’re zooming in on individuals and it’s a team issue.

“As I said, if the opponent does things well, they pressed well…we had some opportunities in terms of three-vs-three and four-vs-fours in the final third but that lacked that last pass. If I am looking at how we build our attacks generally, we not as fluid and in as good a place as I would like us to be. There are lots of reasons for that but clearly that is where we have to improve as well.”

On the World Cup break, he added: “That will help us. We will have two or three key players back and a couple of other ones closer to being back. That is just how it’s been. We’ve had a bit of a perform storm in terms of lots of games and injuries along the way. We have to deal with that and focus on how we can improve the team. As you can see today, there is work to do.”