Cassano: Only solution Juventus has is remove the coach

Former Italy striker Antonio Cassano says Juventus need to sack Max Allegri.

Despite defeat against Monza, Juve will stand by their coach during the international break.

However, Cassano says: “It’s easy now to shoot the Red Cross. The coach, the coach, the coach. The coach has to take responsibility and go away. You have to change the coach, because (Angel) Di Maria can’t make that gesture, because he too is nervous poor thing.

“(Dusn) Vlahovic shoots seven times from the back line because they have no idea of anything, of anything. In the first half, before Di Maria was sent off, they were struggling. Then there is the alibi, he was sent off … But Juve is having a hard time.

“I can’t think that, even with the many injuries they have right now here, they can’t win against Monza. You can’t, because it’s crazy.

“It is having great difficulties and for me the best thing for Juventus is to change the coach, because if you don’t change him he will become a bigger problem.”