Cahill says Chelsea captain Azpilicueta deserves to decide when to leave

Former Chelsea captain Gary Cahill says Cesar Azpilicueta deserves to decide when to leave.

The current skipper is in talks with Barcelona about a summer move.

Cahill told The Sun: “If it was up to me, I would almost let him go when he is ready — if that makes sense?

“He is fit enough and more than capable of playing on and churning out a high number of appearances next season.

“When that time comes to wind down, that would be a decision for him.

“Whether he wants to go elsewhere and carry on playing, or whether he fancies a role where he doesn’t play as much.

“The impact of having somebody like him around the training ground, letting young players watch him and how to do things, in some aspects is priceless.

“Unless you have got blinkers on it’s no surprise why he has had such success.

“Eventually he won’t be happy with the number of appearances. But to have him at the club is a huge plus. I’d keep him at Chelsea.”

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