Cadiz defender Fali blasts Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr; denies elbowing Rodrygo

Cadiz defender Fali admits striking Rodrygo Goes during last night’s defeat to Real Madrid.

However, he insists the referee was right not to send him off.

He told El Larguero: “In the end it is true that I did hit him. He says it’s an elbow and I tell him no. I try to stop him and try to grab him. If the VAR sees it and gives me a yellow card, I see it well.

“In this action maybe I went a little too far. The truth is that I give him enough. It’s not to hurt him. The still image seems to be more than it is. I try to grab his head. He says I nudge him and say no.”

On Vinicius Jr, Fali continued: “I’m not going to say the name, but there is a player who disrespects me. There are certain limits that cannot be exceeded. I have tried to stop him, he has escaped me and I have tried to catch him. I’m sorry about that. I’m surprised that Rodrygo says that because we’ve been talking quietly in the changing rooms.

“Just as I say about Rodrygo that he’s a good boy, I’m not going to say anything about Vinícius. I prefer not to say anything. A club like Real Madrid must control certain attitudes. We have to respect a little more because we are partners.”