Bocchetti blasts ref after Verona defeated by Juventus: They're damaging our season

Hellas Verona coach Salvatore Bocchetti slammed the match officials after their 1-0 defeat to Juventus on Thursday night.

Verona had two good penalty shouts denied on the night.

“I don’t like to talk about referees, but when you have a series of incidents like we saw against Monza and tonight, we really are just dumbfounded,” Verona coach Bocchetti told DAZN, referring to an apparent handball call rejected for Juve defender Danilo.

“They are damaging our season, that seems clear. With the arm so outstretched, it seems like madness not to give a penalty.

“It’s the third time. They sent off a player against Monza who should’ve just been booked, tonight there’s a clear penalty not given, on another with two high boots they suggest a review.

“Enough, we are tired. Are we being taken for a ride? Are we the laughing stock of the League? They should at least let us know. How is it possible that Danilo with his arm out like that is not a penalty?”