Benitez: Everton chiefs would not change within

Former Everton boss Rafa Benitez has taken aim at the board.

Benitez was sacked midway through last season at Goodison Park.

He recalled to Sky Sports: “At the time Everton came in with the offer, I knew I would give my best and do everything to try to improve things.

“I knew it could be difficult because I was at Liverpool, so maybe I couldn’t make some decisions. It was very clear for us at the beginning.

“I had a meeting with a head of one of the departments and I asked him, ‘do you think everything is fine?’ He said, ‘yeah, everything is perfect’. I thought ‘£600m had been spent, it cannot be perfect when the owners aren’t happy and the fans are not happy.’

“So I realised we had to change things inside, but I couldn’t do it straight away because I was a former Red and it could be seen as,. ‘oh, he’s come in to change our club’.

“In another club, I would have made those decisions. I did it in the past, because you know very clearly that is the way to improve, but there at Everton I couldn’t do it.”