Barcelona coach Xavi angry after Bayern Munich defeat: I leave here pretty hacked off

Barcelona coach Xavi lamented their failure in front of goal for Tuesday night’s Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich.

Bayern won 2-0 via two quick second-half goals from Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Sane.

Xavi said, “We made six or seven big goal chances but missed them and Bayern took their opportunity. We competed, we played very well and had we scored it would have been a completely different match. This is the Champions League though, you need to compete and you try to avoid the marking error at the corner which let them go 1-0 up.

“Losing is a backwards step but we’re still in the group. We came here wanting and intending to win. We need to learn from our errors. I think that we produced a good match overall – good enough to win, not draw.

“No way should our rival be allowed to score from a failure of marking at a corner when we have the match under control. Or to score down the middle on a counter attack. We must learn from these mistakes.

“We can’t let them off the hook so much. I’m leaving here pretty hacked off because this was a night to win. But I’m also feeling proud of the team. However it’s about winning and we’ll need to compete better in crucial moments like the two goals and to be more effective when we create chances.”