Aurelio: Liverpool right place for Arthur to fulfil potential

Former Liverpool fullback Fabio Aurelio believes Arthur Melo can fulfil his potential at Anfield.

Arthur is on-loan at Liverpool from Juventus.

Aurelio wrote for “From what I know about him, he should fit really well in Liverpool’s system. He’s a player that likes to constantly be in the game, touching the ball, controlling the pace of play, liking to be dynamic – similar to what Thiago likes to do in a sense.

“I read (manager Jurgen) Klopp highlighted Arthur’s ‘potential’ shortly after he signed on loan. Here in Brazil, the expectations for him were really high prior to his move to Europe. He couldn’t be in a better place to fulfil his potential than at Liverpool under this manager.

“Of course, he’ll need some time to adapt to the team and the Premier League. What I had to adjust to most was the intensity of the game. I had to learn to play more physical and think more quickly – without losing your technique, though. The pace can compromise your quality sometimes.

“His adaptation can be helped massively by the many Brazilians and Portuguese speakers in the squad.

“I was obviously Liverpool’s first Brazilian player when I joined in 2006 and didn’t speak any English. The Scouse accent was also a bit different to the one in our English lessons!

“Bolo Zenden helped me settle in a lot because I think he spoke four or five languages and had a bit of Portuguese as well. Mark Gonzalez and the Spanish players and staff helped me too.”