Atletico Madrid chief Gil Marin insists Simeone retains their confidence: He is an idol

Atletico Madrid chief Miguel Angel Gil Marin says coach Diego Simeone retains their confidence.

There’s been talk of Simeone being replaced at the end of the season.

But Gil Marin says: “In this relationship, I represent the club. I have been with Diego for 11 years and we have had a meal a month since then, so there is a personal relationship that goes beyond the professional and that makes us be sincere.

“That is the key to this relationship, to be able to tell him where the club is going and what the strengths and weaknesses are at all times and the same with me in terms of day-to-day in the locker room.

“I help him as much as I can so that he can do his best work and he gives it back to me with results. In some way, obviously the club is much more than Diego, just as it is much more than the history of Luis Aragonés, but it is true that they are two people who have transcended and who are already idols and will end up becoming myths in the history of our club.

“In the end, Atlético is what his fans are, his way of feeling and understanding life and everything that is related to it. Simeone’s arrival has been a blessing for Atlético de Madrid, as I think it has also been for Diego himself.

“He has established himself as a reference coach and one of the most important characters in the history of this club.”