Arsenal hero Henry reveals thinking behind Como investment

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has expressed his motivation behind his decision to buy shares in Serie B side Como.

Henry was recently announced as a new shareholder at the club, whose president is former Chelsea midfielder Dennis Wise.

“You know, I go back to this,” Henry told the Daily Mail.

“I used to have a tennis ball in my corridor at home, trying to keep the ball up and making sure it wasn’t going to touch the walls because if it did, then I was going to be in trouble.

“Now, being a shareholder of a team? I mean, you don’t even think about that do you, especially where I’m from. If I think about the journey – that is still not done – this is a new chapter.”

Henry added that was no longer looking to ‘kill’ as a shareholder in a football team.

“As a player I was there to kill,” he says. “I wasn’t there to entertain, or to think about what was going through your mind. I was there to kill. To win, with my team. That’s about it.

“I’m not here to kill any more. I’m not playing, it’s over. It’s more about talking, about having connections. About being vulnerable. Making people understand that being vulnerable is OK.

“When you are young, you don’t hear about being vulnerable is OK, it’s the total opposite. Especially in the game.

“Now people express themselves. I thought I used to know stuff about the game but the new generation are re-educating me on how the game is now.”