Arsenal boss Arteta praises Nuno Tavares for reaction after early substitution

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has praised Nuno Tavares’ for his reaction after being subbed off against Nottingham Forest.

The Portuguese left-back was furious after being subbed off in the first-half as Arsenal went down 1-0 in the FA Cup third-round tie.

“I am there to make the right decisions to get the best performance out of the team,” Arteta said. “It is not pleasant to make those decisions, it leaves a bad taste but at the same time we are here to help our players and to help our players you have to do it in many different ways.

“Hopefully that’s a way because certainly, we want to support our players, we want to help them and because you have to make a decision on the day, on my side it gives me more encouragement to help them because I have been there.

“I have been substituted after 45 minutes and I have been upset, but it is part of a process and a development phase in any career and it’s part of the experiences and some experiences, unfortunately, aren’t pleasant but most of those, if you take in the right way, they are the ones that help you to progress and become a better person or player.”

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