Arsenal boss Arteta: Cup clash with Brighton important for momentum

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says he wants to maintain momentum in their Carabao Cup tie with Brighton tonight.

Arteta insists continuing their winning form is important.

He said, “It’s been an unbelievable joy to be part of the games that we have had at the Emirates with our supporters.

“It’s the last time we have with them before we start the ‘second season’, so we want to give them some joy and something to be proud of, and we need to do that tomorrow.

“We have to, as a club, take every competition seriously. We need to understand obviously the risks and rewards that we have, but at the same time we cannot treat any competition in a different way.

“We want another win because as well, playing well helps winning, and winning helps winning. It maintains the mood, it maintains the momentum, the confidence, the trust, the involvement of everybody and it’s just beneficial in any aspect.”