Arek Milik: Every Juventus player must take responsibility

Arek Milik says Juventus’ players know things must change after defeat at home to Benfica in the Champions League.

Juve lost 2-1 on Wednesday night, despite Milik putting the hosts ahead.

He said: “There was a physical drop. We are missing something, right now we are not looking for excuses. We must take responsibility.

“Benfica showed a lot more, now we must shut up and work hard. We must be more wicked when we take to the pitch. Every Juventus player must take responsibility, we have many games left and we can recover.

“I don’t care about scoring goals I want to win. What makes me happy is to see the team win. We must do it together, hopefully, we’ll win the next game and continue to chase our targets.

“We win and lose together, it’s a tough moment and we want to come out from it as soon as possible. We lost tonight, but we can recover. We must change something, but it’s hard to say what.

“I think we can do, even more, I’ve just arrived and we haven’t played many games together. The more we play, the better it gets. He is a strong player. With time, we’ll see how it goes.”