Almiron: Newcastle fans proved their greatness after Grealish taunt

Newcastle United star Miguel Almiron has broken his silence on Jack Grealish’s comments about him.

Almiron, who is enjoying an outstanding season with the Magpies, was the butt of a joke by Grealish that aired in a Manchester City documentary.

Grealish pointed out that teammate Riyad Mahrez had a poor game in their final match of last season, a comeback win against Aston Villa to win the Premier League, stating that he had been playing like Almiron.

Almiron told Chronicle Live: “All that incident did really was highlight that when that type of thing happens here it shows the greatness of the Newcastle supporters.

“I actually did not pay too much attention to the comments at first I will be honest because I prefer to just get on with my job and do my work in silence.

“I just get on with my work and the only thing that matters to me is to improve myself.

“When you achieve things in life it only comes through hard work and sacrifice anyway, especially in football, it’s never through words.

“At the time when the (Grealish) stuff all came up, I was then filled with happiness and pride with the way the Newcastle supporters rallied around me.

“They showed their support at that point and it was really important.”

Asked if he would shake Grealish’s hand, Almiron said: “Would I shake his hand the next time we line up to play Man City. Yes.

“Yes, I would.

“Of course, I’d shake hands with him, whenever we play against Man City without a shadow of a doubt.

“Like I have said and as I keep on insisting to people Jack Grealish is a great player and I just wish him all the best

“Throughout my career and for as long as I have played football, as long as I remember I have never really paid attention to what people say to me off the field. You just get on with your own job and that’s it.”