Agent explains Mertens choosing Galatasaray over Juventus

The agent of Galatasaray striker Dries Mertens admits they turned down Juventus.

The veteran striker left Napoli after nine years to join Gala as a free agent.

“The move to Galatasaray was a long process. They’re one of the best clubs to go to if another top club of the level of Juventus doesn’t come along,” agent Stijn Francis told the Mid mid podcast.

“We realised too late that the Napoli story was ending. There was a naive belief that we could stay, not least because we never lobbied against it.

“In May-June it was all to be decided, but the renewal didn’t materialise. We didn’t ask for much.”

Francis also spoke of Juve’s approach.

“If you compare it to Juventus’ offer, what we asked Napoli for is very little. There was no negotiation, it was a take it or leave it.

“With Juventus there was a concrete and interesting conversation, for us and for Dries. But he knew in his heart that he couldn’t do it.”