AC Milan coach Pioli on Cremonese: We weren't up to standard

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli admitted frustration after their 0-0 draw with Cremonese.

Pioli admits they failed to reach their normal standards on Tuesday night.

“I think our first half was decent, the second was not up to our standards, so we could’ve done much more,” Pioli told DAZN.

“We were unable to create enough attacking situations, Cremonese focused entirely on defending and closed down all the spaces, but we still could’ve done far better.

“We lost our fluidity and speed of movement in the second half, we didn’t win enough attacking duels, which is something we usually do well with one-on-one situations. We worked well to get the ball back with our press, but were above all missing movement off the ball to create the chances and give more passing options.

“It is wrong to always focus on an individual. We do well as a team, then when we don’t work as a team, we don’t get results. An individual can have good and bad days, this is natural, but tonight overall we didn’t perform up to our standards.

“We expected Cremonese to do this, as we saw that at the start of the season they were more aggressive defensively, but have started to sit deeper, so we needed to take the ball to them. We had our chances to score, especially in the first half, but when you don’t break the deadlock, these games get more complicated as time goes on.

“We didn’t create enough opportunities or solutions to unlock them.”