​Chelsea manager Tuchel defends Pulisic usage: We're very happy with him

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has defended his use of American forward Christian Pulisic.

The attacker has been in and out of the starting line-up this season, while he has also played in multiple positions for the German coach.

Pulisic, who has impressed in recent weeks as a wide attacker, is valued as a key member of the team by Tuchel.

Asked about Pulisic playing various roles, Tuchel said: “Yeah, it’s true we moved him around a little bit, but in the end they want to play, and it’s a good thing if they can play more positions.

“You can always argue I would have been more consistent or better if I had one clear position, but maybe then you have less minutes or you face even more competition, because up front we have two or three players in every position.

“So first of all it’s a good thing, it was also a bad sign because it means we had trouble on the left and right wing-back with injuries and he helped us out there.

“We are happy with the impact that he has.

“He can play a lot of minutes, he needs to play a lot of minutes, he has a physical ability that can help us.

“Of course everybody wants him to have numbers, everybody wants him to be effective, and we can improve everybody, we can improve on that. And from there we go, this is the situation.”

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